Acer Aspire Multi Touch Screen

Last year, we were already planning to buy a laptop for our use and Rudy Elijah. We decided to buy one because Rudy Elijah was already learning how to use the computer. Although, he would use it to play games at cartoon network and Nickelodeon, I saw it as a chance to encourage him to read more.

In order to play the games, he needs to read the instructions. Thus, I saw it as a tool for him to read more.

When he enrolled last June for grade 1, we were surprised to learn that he has a computer subject. But I knew that it would just be basic such as typing and a way for the school to get away with their fees.

Anyway, I finally decided to get a laptop last month.

We bought an Acer Aspire with a multi-touch screen much like the iPad. The thing is, this is actually a laptop with keyboards. But you can also use the touch screen.The screen is rotatable at 180 degrees and you can lay the screen down like the iPad.

It has a 2GB DDR3 memory and a 320 GB HDD.  It is really amazing. I think it was a great buy.


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