Angry Old Man

At my age today, I cannot help but recall the days when I was young and feeling carefree and immortal. It was during my college days that I really felt I was immortal. That no sickness, pain, or anything of that like will slow me down. Such feeling continued for a very long time until last year when I felt vulnerable.

Now, I remember watching a movie entitled Unbreakable sometime in the year 2000 starring Bruce Willis  and Samuel Jackson. This movie was written by M. Night Shyamalan.

If my memory serves me right, the  character of Bruce Willis was opposite the character of Samuel Jackson. Jackson was very frail and his bones break easily. While Willis was strong and unbreakable. In fact in one scene, Willis was the only survivor in a train-crash that killed 131 passengers. He survived without a scratch.

The days of feeling immortal must have been influenced with all those Highlander TV series and movies starring Christopher Lambert. As they say, those were the days.

Age really adds wisdom. It gives you a mature outlook about the realities of life. Your judgment on things becomes influenced with the what ifs. Some say its “being cautious” but I call it – FEAR, pure and simple.

That feeling of immortality fades as one aged because of fear. Fear that you’ re indeed a mortal being. And like all mortals must fade and end.


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