Rudy Elijah’s Dictation 1

I was talking to Rudy Elijah last night while in bed. I was reminding him about this blog and that soon he will be writing his own piece here because he knows how to use the computer already. In fact, he opens his favorite websites on his own.

As we were discussing, I asked him what he wants me to write for him.

Then he said, Pa, please write that “I am very excited that it will be Christmas soon. I will go to Tayasan and see my cousin whose name is Kuya Eton.” He continued, “that while I am there, we will play but I am not allowed to swim in the swimming pool and the beach because my Papa said so.”

We don’t have a swimming pool but there is a resort near Tayasan where they sometimes go to. He usually joins the other kids swimming and playing in the pool when they go there. When I am not around, he is not allowed to swim because the water would go inside his ears. Like the last time, we have to go to the doctor because his ears felt itchy all the time.

He also said, “me and Kuya Eton will go to Lolo Ben’s and Lolo Dodo’s house and sing Feliz Navidad so that they will give us presents”. I was laughing and started singing the song. While I was singing, he was patting the bed pretending to do the drums. “Pa, you have to listen to the beat, so you’ll know how to do the drums” teaching the father like a pro.

Deep inside, I was bursting with joy. He simply continues to amaze me.

After the singing, I also reminded him not to start fights with the other kids and to be a good boy all the time. I told him, you can fight if somebody picks on you but never to start it.  It was only a reminder because I know he will never do such a thing. He is seven years old now but he has never ever been to a fight, not even in school.

Lastly, I reminded him not to ride in the motorcycle. I just find it very dangerous.

Then he said, “Pa, can you write about my friends, too?” This is an interesting topic which I will ask him on what to write about next time.


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