Elijah’s words

At around 7:00 o’clock this evening, we were getting ready to watch Megamind at Eastwood Cinemas. I put on my jacket and so did Rudy Elijah and his mama. After putting on his jacket, Rudy Elijah uttered something like “why don’t I have a jacket without a hood?” Probably, it came to his attention that my jacket and his mama’s jacket do not have hoods.

Anyway, I answered him jokingly by saying “if you want to have a jacket with no hood, you should buy one. Do you have money to buy one?” He replied, “no! but when I’m big I will have money to buy.” We smiled, with his mama saying, “are you gonna give me money langga also to buy something?” I also joined in asking the same question to him. Like a seasoned budget conscious person he said, “I will give you 50.oo. Just buy the cheap ones and not the expensive ones if its not important. If you need more money, you just come back and ask. I will give the same money to you and papa.”

I was stunned. A seven-year old kid with that kind of answer. Then, I remember that whenever he would ask me for new toys I would always tell him to choose the cheaper ones because it’s not important. And I would always remind him of the things that are important and should be prioritized. I guess I wasn’t talking in the air whenever we discuss such topics.

We also make it a point to teach him simple things such as fixing the bed, arranging his things, washing his clothes (1 sando or brief on a Sunday). Basically, these simple things are teaching him to be responsible and independent.

With tonight’s conversation, I hope that he will be finally responsible someday.


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