My Mother Grace

My mother was an elementary school teacher at the Dumaguete Cathedral School (now Colegio de Santa Catalina de Alejandria or COSCA). Her father, Prudencio Delfin Labiste, was a public school teacher in one barangay of Oslob, Cebu. And her mother, Candelaria Estavilla Labiste is a simple housewife.

My mother was the second child of four children. Her siblings are Antonio (eldest), Lavilla (youngest), and Monsignor Leo (3rd child).

I really never had the chance to know my mother because she died in a vehicular accident when I was only 4 1/2 years old. That was February 7, 1978. She was to turn 30 years old by October 15 of that fateful year.

The only thing I can recall about my mother was when she repacks fried peanuts to sell in school. That is the only memory I have of her.

My grandparents from my paternal side, when they were still alive, speak nicely of her. They liked her. I hear the same praises from my aunt Deding and Uncle Ite. I don’t ask around about my mother because it pains me so much not to have known her. It pains me even, just thinking of the “what ifs” she was alive.

But, I know and I believe that she is always there watching over me. I always call her to help me on many things. I even call her to help me whenever Rudy Elijah is feeling ill. My mother has never failed my calls.

Someday we will talk about so many things. Someday I will hug and hold her because I missed her so much. Someday I will be able to see her face again.

Thank you ma and I am sorry for a lot of things.


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