Amazing Short Conversations with my Son

One night, while we were getting ready for an early dinner,  we tuned-in on the Price is Right game show hosted by Kris Aquino. My son who is only 7 years old likes to watch it especially the last segment. This was the day when they announced that there will a home partner with a chance to win 100,000.00 pesos. My son Elijah upon hearing this said, “pa lets join so we could have a chance to win and not spend too much because all you have to do is text. Right pa?”

And I said, “yes, that’s true. One text message will not cost so much, and if we are lucky it would be great”.

In the same context, he saw this safeguard advertisement where you can win a million pesos. Elijah said, “pa you’re using that soap. We should buy one, maybe we will win. Then, he went on saying, “pa those people who thought of that advertisement are really good.” And I asked him, “why is that so?” He replied, ” because the people will have to buy so many safeguard so that they can win. And they will sell so many soap then.” “Right pa?” his favorite question directed either to me or his mama.


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