Last Thursday, June 16, 2011, I was shocked when my wife called me up and relayed that our son doesn’t want her to leave him in his new school. That morning, she personally brought to school our son after going back from a five-day vacation. She was all dressed up for work.

It was a shocker for her because when she was about to leave the school and report for work, she saw him running down from the second floor crying. He immediately hugged her and pleaded not to leave him. My wife was shocked thinking that maybe something went wrong or maybe something happened in his room. But, upon inquiry, he said nothing happened. He just wanted his mother to stay because he was afraid of the school.

My wife had no choice but to stay because we were both so worried. In fact, she immediately had a meeting with the school principal and a conference with all my son’s teachers later that afternoon.

She relayed that my son was so concerned about all the minuses and grading system relayed by the teachers. Even to the extent that my son has to clean his row because the teacher said they will get a zero if the row is not clean. He was so afraid to fail and go back in the same grade.

This aggravated the reason why my wife has to sacrifice and gave up her job. It was a painful decision on her part but she has to do it. She had no other choice because we did not want our child to be traumatized. We wanted to be there for him and support him.

As parents, we are very proud that our son is very respectful, obedient, and disciplined.


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