Our visit to Lola

Last October 2011, my wife and I, together with our son visited my grandmother. The visit also coincided with the town fiesta. It was a long overdue visit considering that the last time we were at my grandmother’s house was around five (5) years ago. My son was around three (3) years old then.

It was also an opportunity for my son to meet his cousins and other relatives.

In one conversation we had, my son asked my Tito who is a priest, why he smokes cigarettes. My Tito was caught off-guard with the question. He tried to dodge it but my son was persistent.

I told my son to rest it because Tito is a priest. He was surprised and somewhat shocked to hear that his Tito Lolo is a priest. So, I thought it was the end of his asking Tito about the smoking topic.

But eventually, he asked again. This time asking Tito why he is smoking considering that he is a priest. According to my son, he shouldn’t smoke because he is a priest and people will see him.

All the while during the conversation, my grandmother was smiling, my Tita was smiling and amazed, and my cousin was surprised. It was like “wow this kid” on their minds.

The next day, we went to the chapel where we heard mass. Tito celebrated the mass. My son was amazed that his Tito Lolo is really a priest.

When my son came back to school after the semester break, he was so proud and told his adviser, “Mam Nicholas, my Tito Lolo is a priest.”


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