verything changed when you came. You are a life changing gift from God. Life was blessed with a new meaning. Indeed, God is good.

  ight, that’s what you did. You illuminated the way to responsibility. You are the glow that guided us to maturity. Indeed, God is good.

  nduce with happiness upon your birth. We are filled with so much excess emotion undefined by any experience encountered. Indeed, God is good.

  ust seeing you smile makes our day.  You filled our hearts with joy and rejuvenate our strength after a hard days work. Indeed, God is good.

  ll day, all night you bring a smile to our faces. Everyday you bring wonder to our faces. We are very proud parents to you son. Indeed, God is good.

  eaven and earth are filled with God’s glory. You are our God’s glory. Be God’s instrument and do things according to His will. Indeed, God is good.


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