When I was a little kid, I remember always hearing my aunts and grandparents from my paternal side telling my cousins to study hard and graduate from college. Accordingly, if they can finish college, they will land a good paying job.

As I was getting older, I noticed some people who did not finish college yet they became financially successful. Then, in my readings, I was, and still am, very fascinated with people like Lucio Tan, Bill Gates, and others who did not finish college but are very financially successful.

That got me to think, is education really necessary to be financially successful? Is it or is it not? In my mind, I began questioning the wisdom of what I heard then. This is especially true since I know of some educated people, yet, are not financially successful.

From my readings about successful people and some people that I know of, it would appear that graduating college is not a pre-requisite to financial success. As I got matured, I began searching and reading the reasons of their success. Then, I realized why these people made it from rags to riches. It is because of sheer DETERMINATION and HARD WORK.

It would also appear that not all who tried by sheer determination and hard work made it. Only a few who were lucky enough made it.

On the other hand, some people made it simply because of their EDUCATION and HARD WORK minus the determination. These are the people we can see around us – that not so financially successful people but has enough money to get through. These are the people belonging to the lower middle to middle middle class in society.

In my humble opinion, when the three (3) ingredients are combined – education + determination + hard work, there is almost no way to fail. With said ingredients, I am quite positive that we can beat the new enemy – poverty. This is a formula sure to free many of our countrymen from the bondage of poverty. Kindly refer to the illustration below.











The national government recognizing the importance of education as one of the tools in eradicating extreme poverty has made it one of the conditions in the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps. Under this program, the poorest among the poor families found eligible are granted a conditional cash transfer.

As part of the condition for cash transfer, children aged 3-5 years old must be enrolled in Day Care Program or pre-school program and maintain a class attendance rate of at least 85% per month. And, children aged 6-14 years old must be enrolled in elementary and secondary schools and maintain a class attendance rate of at least 85% per month, among others.

If this program is implemented properly, minus the interference of politics, in the near future extreme poverty will be reduced and hopefully eradicated. Finally, with the formula above illustrated, underprivileged sons and daughters of this great country will succeed in life and achieve a better future for their families through education.


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