Early this morning, I have to bring my son to school for their Leadership Training and Fellowship. This is his second year to participate. This year, he was included in the training because he is the President of their class.

At around 11:30, I was back in my son’s school. I brought with me his requested lunch even though I know that they have a prepared lunch. I was sitting at one of the benches waiting for the facilitator to declare a lunch break.

It was already quarter to 12:00 noon but there were no other parents. I was just the only parent in school. Wow, I was confused and wondered where the heck the other parents are? Are they not going to check on their kids?

Then, I realized – what am I doing in school? The training is supposed to be with free snacks and lunch. I don’t have to be there. Hahahahaha to my self. That started a very lazy day for me at Robinsons until afternoon.


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